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Gabriella Goffi, a sculptor, was born in Gavardo, Brescia in Italy, where she still lives and works. A teacher, she specialized in non-verbal communication. Since the eighties, she has focused her attention on the expressive, evocative power of material cloth, wood, metal… which she assembles in panels or into a sculpture. These objects and tools of daily use, worn out and changed by weather and time, are recuperated and transformed by her and made precious by very accurate techniques and by a time-consuming work of re-elaboration. Gabriella accomplishes her artistic creations way beyond the “ready-made.” Through this, she is able to invite us into a personal introspective journey, making use of language and archetypes of the deep unconscious, thus her art becomes part of ourselves and of our transformation.

A deep interest in the theatre, which we easily recognize in some of her sculptures, has urged the artist, from the very beginning of her career, to produce sketches and costumes. Lately she has taken on activity participating in organizing shows and personally intervening with ideas and scenic suggestions and producing them in various theatrical events. Gabriella Goffi dedicates herself to artistic creation, but she also finds time to teach methodology of creativity, give workshops for adults and children and offer formative courses to teachers.

"Gabriella Goffi has perhaps understood that art can find a magic touch in everything possible. Her art free from any ritual and idea, finds again its own place in enclosed spaces and or in play. Things, objects, clothes, pearls and common tools, worn out by daily use, are “recuperated” as precious and rare “gifts of our living” and of the flow of our consciousness and awareness. Gabriella Goffi creates “alcoves for our memories”, “show cases of surprises” both playful and melancholic: some of her drawings are made solid in collages of thin board, glass, veil, cloth, embroidery and wires, which we can envision as ready to vibrate in the air and gently trickle.
What is prevailing though, is a delicate assembly of things, sometimes literally sewn together, as words from poem, or fragments of a memory, of a letter, of the petals of a flower. The artist collects left-over or discarded things from every-day life, like fabrics and threads as “foot prints” of life journey, waking memories and prompting acts of conservation and sacredness of their mysterious, but sweet and silent share in our life. With her objects she also shows a classic womanly attention to the austere way of a farmer wife, who keeps her cupboard and pantry in order. Her work is also a “diary” of the chamber of her soul, with veils and unveils, with precious containers and lockets, between the dust and the fragrance of a “Bazaar of intimate desires”, which are still connected with space and with the thread of life."
Fausto Lorenzi

"Goffi causes us to have many thoughts and intuitions when studying her “s.” In the apparent shine of the light everything become luminous, simple and linear yet in the dark heart of the shadow not everything is secret, not everything is restless. There is a plan, a project perhaps more difficult to be understood with the enthusiasm of an unexpected light, as the brightness as a summer storm, when a lighting illumines the field and allows us to see, for a second, what we may have never seen before. “Our life,” Goffi says, “is like this incredible wavering, we can only live it within both measures,” the artist explains. Her artistic creation “I inhabit the Light and the Shadow” summarizes a story we all have and we which we must continually accept and own against any superficiality or resistance. For Goffi “installation” is certainly an expression of poetry and a model for thoughts."
Mauro Corradini

"Work of my hands" Interview to Gabriella Goffi

Veronamerica 2007


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